Vinyl Fence Information

Vinyl is the one the most expensive fence we carry, especially compared to the cost of wood fencing but I unlike wood it holds up extremely well to the elements and stands up better to the test of time. Also with Vinyl you’ll get a better return on your investment overtime especially if you factor in the money will save form not having to do in maintenance, Life expectancy of the fence, and home resale value.

Vinyl fences are available in heights 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet tall, as well as custom sizes. Coming in many styles like Picket, Pool, Semi-Privacy, and Privacy. Privacy fences use a tongue & groove picket that locks together for complete privacy. Picket, Pool and

Semi-Privacy fence pickets come in standard size of 1.5”x 1” and 3”x 1”; they can be spaced 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”, and 3” apart. Different spacing is used to create different looks, add privacy, or to help keep small pets in.

Our vinyl fences are manufactured from the strongest, most durable virgin vinyl and it won’t chip, crack, rot or fade. Vinyl is almost 100% maintenance free, but it does require cleaning every 1-2 years mostly on the north facing side where there is less sunlight to bake off the mold and mildew that build up there.

All style are available colors White, Beige and khaki. We also have wood gain styles available in weathered gray and redwood color.

Rails and gateposts are reinforced with aluminum channel beams for strength; most companies do not this. Post are routed so that the rails lock inside them for a clean look with no ugly brackets expose. We use heavy-duty adjustable stainless steel hinges and latches to insure you have a maintenance free gate.

All our Vinyl fences are 100% Gradable/Rackable, it will hug the ground without big gaps under the fence and no stair step look!

Post are set 24 inches in the ground and in 60 LBS of concrete, gates are set in 120 LBS.

Fences are usually installed 2” off the ground and semi contoured to the ground to allow the top of the fence to run smoothly without looking jagged on top which can happen if you follow the ground 100% of the time. We can keep the fence closer to ground for the dogs or we can bring it a little higher off the ground to allow for easier weed eating around the fence if you request it. I usually recommend a little weed killer every few years around the fence line to save on some time weed eating and to keep the fence from being damaged

All Vinyl Fences come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty on Material, and 1-year on labor.