Ornamental steel is recommended for commercial or industrial. In areas like parking lots, side-walks, or play grounds. Ornamental steel fencing comes in three different types or grades. Residential, commercial and industrial. About 95% of the fencing out there is the residential grade. The fencing comes in heights 48”,60”,72”,84” and 96”, As well as custom heights. Most residential fencing heights are 48” and 60”. The standard picket spacing is 3-3/4” between the pickets.

There are 3 main components that make up the fence which are the Post, Rail and Pickets. Below

are specs for the three different grades and they are pretty much identical from one manufacturer to another.

Residential Grade –             Post 2”sq   x 0.062,              Rails 1-1/8” x 1       x 0.062            Pickets 5/8”sq x 0.050”

Commercial grade –             Post 2.5”sq x 0.125                        Rails 1-3/8” x 1-1/4 x 0.088 Pickets 3/4”sq x 0.055”

Industrial Grade –             Post 3”sq     x 0.125                           Rails 1-5/8” x 1-5/8 x 0.070             Pickets 1”sq   x 0.062”

All of our fence panels are fully rackable (they will flow with the land) and they will not stair step. Fences are usually installed 2” off the ground and semi contoured to the ground to allow the top of the fence to run smoothly without looking jagged on top which can happen if you follow the ground 100% of the time. We can keep the fence closer to ground for the dogs or we can bring it a little higher off the ground to allow for easier weed eating around the fence if you request it. I usually recommend a little weed killer every few years around the fence line to save on some time weed eating and to keep the fence from being damaged.

Gates are available in many different sizes from 3 feet wide singles – 12 feet wide Doubles, for most residential applications. Most single gates are 4ft wide but we also have 5ft and 6ft wide gates, if you were needing a bigger gate for lawn mower.etc. I usually recommend a 5ft wide gate for most riding lawnmowers and if you have your grass cut by a professional. There are also double gates in 8ft, 10ft and 12ft, for vehicle access or heavy equipment. Larger custom gates are available up to 30ft in sliding or swing. All of our hinges are heavy-duty and are self-closing. All gates come with a simple gravity Latches (old faithful) which is lockable but we also have Door Handle type locks and Pool Code latches available as well. We are the only fence company in area that uses heavy wall post (13gauge) on our hinge post.

All post are set 24 inches in the ground and in 40lbs of concrete, gates are set in 80lbs. Post are on 6ft centers.

When it comes to the Paint on ornamental fencing all manufactures use a powder coat finish (which is a process where the paint is sprayed on the metal in powder form and negatively charged, then it is ran through an oven at high temperatures baking the paint on the metal). This makes for one of the best economical and long-lasting finishes to deal with the elements. It will usually start to fade-out after 25 years but it will never completely come off or peel. Some sales people like to say that the paint on their fence will last forever but to be honest with you no paint will last longer than about 30 years. From house paint to the paint on NASA Space shuttle. This because of the sun’s UV Rays and the elements. Powder coating has been around for about 50 years and has changed very little.

All of our Ornamental fences come with a 1-year labor warranty and lifetime on materials.