FenceMasters Chain Link Fence Information

Chain Link is where you get the most for your money. Not only is it inexpensive, but it also durable and maintenance free. These fence come in Hot dipped galvanized, and Vinyl Color Coated Chain Link. Vinyl Coated is available in different colors like Black, Green, Brown, and White. We only stock black, so please allow 2 weeks for shipping on Green, Brown and White colors.

Chain Link fabric is available in different gages from 11.5 gage(residential) to 9 gage(industrial) as well as special order gages. We offer different post diameters, and weights (pipe wall thickness) from 18 gage up to 8 gage steel pipe. Chain Link Fabric is available in different size, from 3 feet high up to 20 feet high. Top security options include 3 rows of barbed wire or razor ribbon wire and combination of both. Gates are available from 3 feet wide up to 70 feet wide.

Most residential fencing is 4ft or 5ft tall and commercial fencing is 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft tall.

Chain Link can be used to create land fencing, dog runs, cages, and baseball backstops . 

Residential Fencing is usually built with 11.5 gage Chain Link Wire Fabric, 1-3/8” Top Rail, and 1-5/8” Line Post. The pipe wall thickness is commonly 18ga or 17ga. The corner, end post and gate post are 2-3/8” with pipe wall thickness of 18ga or 17ga.

Commercial Fencing is usually built with 11.5ga or 9ga Chain Link Wire Fabric. The top rail is 1-5/8” with a pipe thickness of 17ga or 16ga. Line post are 2”, with pipe wall thickness of 14ga. The corner and end post are 3”, with a pipe wall of 12ga. Gate post are 4” or 6”, with pipe wall thickness of 12ga.

Industrial Fencing is usually built with 9 gage Chain Link Wire Fabric,

2” top rail with a pipe wall thickness of 14ga. The line post are 2-1/2”, with a pipe wall thickness of 12ga. The corner and end post are 3” with a pipe wall of 12ga. Gate post are 4” or 6”, with pipe wall thickness of 12ga.

Interstate Fencing has no top rail, instead it has 9ga tension wire at the top and braced corners for support and can be built using any of the commercial specs form wire fabric or post sizing.

All posts are set in concrete about 1/3 of the total fence height in the ground so for example for a 6ft fence would use 8ft post placing 2ft of the post in the ground.

We also offer Privacy Slats for chain Link which are made from PVC and placed inside the fabric for between 60% and 98% Privacy. It also comes in many different colors. Please note due to the high cost of privacy slats they are normal only used on commercial applications.

Wire Fencing is normally 2”x4” or 4”x4” galvanized woven mesh that comes with 14ga cross wires and with a 12ga guide wires at the top and bottom. The Post can be Green T-stakes or 4”x4 Treated Pine Post. This type of fence it is recommended for mostly flat or semi- level yards.

All Fences include Tension Wire at the bottom of the fence, 14ga double strand for residential and 9ga coil spring wire for commercial and Industrial.

Fences are usually installed 2” off the ground and semi contoured to the ground to allow the top of the fence to run smoothly without looking jagged on top which can happen if you follow the ground 100% of the time. We can keep the fence closer to ground for the dogs or we can bring it a little higher off the ground to allow for easier weed eating around the fence if you request it. I usually recommend a little weed killer every few years around the fence line to save on some time weed eating and to keep the fence from being damaged.

All of our Chain Link fences come with a 4-year warranty on labor and 10-years on materials.